Arabic Woman, Wiggle

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Between 1898 and 1914 - Arab woman wearing embroidered coat

Between 1898 and 1914 - Arab woman wearing embroidered coat

One of the problems that comes with animating between two panels is the likelihood of these animations turning out looking like cut out dolls.  Monty Python comes to mind.  So I made this image to practice integrating more fluid movement between the two panels.  So movement in the mouth becomes more realistic with movement of the cheeks.  The eyes were challenging because the light being reflected in her eyes, if not altered between frames, just looks like a big… oh gawd I’m going to say it… eyesore.  Literally like a bump on the eye.  Not pretty, and one of the reasons I chose her was her beautiful eyes.

Have a great weekend everyone, I should have another up Friday or Saturday evening.

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