1876 - The Widow’s Mite, Still Photo

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1876 - The Widow's Mite

(Stereograph shows a woman placing coin in box for the poor at church graveyard as ghost of woman watches.)

So, my computer is haunted.  I was working on this great photo of this Civil War General that totally looks like Brad Pitt.  I was planning on offering it as a print on deviantart.com when it was complete, so I was working with a pretty big image.  This thing was damaged, pitted and stained.  I saved it a lot, because I know how bad it stinks to totally lose your work.  I got about 1/3 of the way through what would have eventually taken me about 5-6 hours, I click save and BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ nothing.  Computer totally frozen.  I rebooted, opened up the file and nothing… but… black.  BLACK!  So, instead of a hotsie totsie General tomorrow, you get a ghost tonight!  Happy Halloween!  I blame Microsoft.

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