1903 Thames at Night, Colorized Wiggle

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1903 - Overlooking the Thames at 11 o'clock at night, London, England.

I was a little disappointed in the depth of this image, there’s not all that much wiggle.  The lights are natural flares from the lens angles being different between the two sides of the stereo.  I’ve actually done this wiggle before, but it was at a time when I wasn’t very good at aligning, and didn’t colorize yet. But I liked how the star came out.  I was wondering when I started, what purpose they would have for noting the time of night.  Then I noticed, if you look closely on the right side, you’ll see Big Ben.  The time is very clear on the original here.

(If you’re new to this site, find out how these are created here.)

I’ve been taking my time a little more with these because I’m trying to learn how to integrate animation into the wiggle more seamlessly and realistically.  It’s taking a lot of practice and patience.  But I wanted to let my regulars know it’s not at all a lack of interest that’s caused my infrequent updates lately.  It’s just the opposite.  A lot of it is also a push for quality.  So many nights I sat up trying to pump these out to keep people coming back, and when I go back through I always see things I wish I would have changed.  For now, I may only be able to add animations once a week, or twice.  But soon enough I’ll be much better at creating this extra movement and be able to get them out more frequently with a higher quality - both in regards to the animation itself and the restoration work I have to do to make these more pleasant to look at.  In the meantime, I’ll put more of an effort to provide some more interesting links.

Also, a big thank you to all those linking my blog and sharing my posts on facebook and twitter.  I had to pay a bit more for my hosting, and that little bit of extra ad income has *almost* broke me even again.  Every little bit helps, thanks for your support!

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