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COPYRIGHT: All old stills are public domain, all wiggle animations, blog text, and my photography are available under a creative commons attribution 3.0 license (click for details). Please link clicksypics.com somewhere (under the pics, in credits, whatever).  Blog text is also under creative commons 3.0. I’m not picky and enjoy seeing my work on other sites, share around!  Creative Commons rocks.  I like when people send me links showing me how they’ve used the content, and I’m interested in sharing your work and ideas here as well.   If you wish to contact me, leave a comment or email clicksyweb@gmail.com.

AUTHORS WELCOME:  If you’re interested in being an author or animator on this site, and are willing to share under the above license, please email!  I actually lose money on this site, but if it becomes profitable I plan on sharing all income with my authors as well as providing periodic content reports through Google Analytics.  Writers in any genre, or just random subjects like me, are welcome to become authors!  But no pron!  Yeah, I misspelled that on purpose… I get enough creepy traffic from my single image that depicts a spanking.  Eewww!

A LITTLE ABOUT THE WIGGLES:  I’ve always enjoyed old photographs.  I’d seen a website with wiggle animations, and began to wonder why I had never seen an old stereo card converted, so I tried it, and this website is the result.  Since that time, I have seen some well done stereo card animations and enjoy seeing how others approach them, and hope to see more of that in the future.   The website is a compilation of my works and the work of friends, which will change with my interests and abilities, as well as those of any that would like to contribute.  I expect to refocus myself on writing soon, hence the recent category changes and updates.

I’d be glad to answer any questions, design or otherwise, just comment or email clicksyweb@gmail.com.


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