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I’ve completed the major construction to my new website at! It’s a collection of unique old photographs and animations.

I’m really enjoying the historical stereo card animations.  Stereo card photographs are an old photography trick.  They are comprised of two photographs taken at slightly different angles, usually with a single camera that has two lenses.  The two photographs were placed onto a photo card which was viewed in a special viewer to see a 3-D image.  They were frequently used as teaching tools in the mid to late 1800′s and early 1900′s.

Playing around in Photoshop, I’ve found a way to recreate the 3-D illusion with wiggle animations. It’s almost eerie seeing these old images come to life.  I’m still perfecting the technique right now, and each animation is a little better than the last.  Many of these old photos are damaged, and unevenly,  so most images must have minor digital modifications to make them more realistic and clear.  In addition I’m slowing down the animation with more frames.  This process increases the file size, so future animations will likely be clearer but smaller in dimension.

I’m hoping they become a good source to assist teachers with history lessons. The library is growing!  Let me know what you think, and I hope you enjoy the site!

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