1900-1920 - Trajan’s Kiosk, Wiggle

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1900-1920 - Egyptian views; Assuan and Philae. Kiosk at Philae, looking S.W., taken from a boat.

I believe this is is Trajan’s Kiosk, on Agilkia Island.  Here is the wiki page, which also has a current image. Seems in the 1960′s, they moved this monument from the island of Philae because of high waters due to the construction of a dam on the Nile.  I believe they got the date from existing images of the site.  With a quick search I was able to find another flooded view from 1906 here.

I had trouble dealing with the warping of the kiosk on this image, but wanted to try out the water effect.  I used a free program, Sqirlz Water Reflections, available at CNet here.  The resulting gif was then chopped up so the top is wiggle between the two sides of the stereo, and the bottom was the Sqirlz gif.  I added too many frames, which is why I’ve sized it down a bit.  I would prefer to do the water by hand, but that’s taking some practice.  There just aren’t any tutorials about how to create flowing water in an existing animation, especially with only 2 to 4 frames.  And then taking that water and integrating it into the animation in a way to retain the 3d effect.  There are, however, plenty of tutorials on how to make crappy ugly fake looking water in just a few frames.  Maybe if I figure it out with a simple technique I will post one.  If anyone knows of some good water tutorials, I’d love to get a link.

Find out how these are created here.  View the original image here.

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